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If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with plenty of time to relax and the ability to see some fantastic and exotic places but, are tired of those ocean cruises to places like the Caribbean or Bahamas then maybe it is time you tried one of the fantastic river cruises in Spain. There are many different river cruises in Spain to choose from, but one of the most scenic and beautiful river cruises in Spain doesn't actually start in that country but in Portugal.
Douro River Cruises in Spain and Potugal
The Douro river cruises that go from Northern Portugal to Spain and back offers a wide variety of beautiful scenery, wonderful meals, exciting and interesting sights to see and a number of historic cities to explore. It's a wonderful way to spend a holiday and a terrific way to explore some fabulous venues in two astounding beautiful countries.
There are several Douro river cruises to choose from lasting 5, 7, and 10 days depending on which cruise you choose. Here is a little of what you will experience on your Douro River cruise in Spain and Portugal.

A Cozy And Different Cruise Experience River Cruises in Spain and Portugal

River cruises in Spain are quite different from ocean cruises so get ready to enjoy an incredibly relaxed and casual cruising experience. The first thing you will notice is river cruise ships are much smaller than those ocean cruise ships. River cruise ships normally hold between 140 and 160 people which gives you more of a chance to meet and mingle with your fellow travelers.
Unlike those big ocean liners, all cabins on river cruise ships are on the outside with at least a small balcony allowing you to have fantastic views of the scenery late at night and early morning as well as during the cruise itself.
You won't be sailing for days on end with no stops in sight as most river cruises sail during the day to allow you to see the fabulous views missing nothing. Then they normally moor in the afternoon or evening in the center of river towns. This means you can usually spend your evenings walking and exploring different towns along the way and get a real feel for the local culture and places of interest.
Of course river cruise in Spain and Potugal like ocean cruise offers meals, entertainment, and port taxes as part of the cruise charge. So, you can enjoy great food, drink, and entertainment at no extra charge.

The Cruise Itself River Cruises in Spain an Portugal

Depending on which river Douro cruise you happen to choose you will get an opportunity to stop and visit cities such as Lisbon the capital of Portugal, Porto, Portugal's second largest city a place rich in history and beautiful with little gabled houses and renowned for port wine. You will also stop in many other cities along the way including the Salamanca, Spain nicknamed the "golden city" because of it's golden buildings. At each of these stops you will have the opportunity to take a tour or explore on your own learning a little of the history of these exotic cities during your cruise.
River Cruises Spain and Portugal highlights
Some of the highlights of your river cruise ind Spain an Portugal may include: Beautiful restored palaces, a delightful lunch at a monastery, wine tasting and visits to beautiful vineyards, The beautiful religious architecture at Villa Real and a chance to wander through exotic gardens or take coach tours to scenic towns and villages.
Of course you will be treated to constant breath taking views while cruising down the Douro. You will be able to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the "river of gold" itself while passing through deep gorges steeped with grape vines, sleepy little fishing villages and little hamlets right out of a Currier and Ives painting.
For those who love taking pictures these river cruises in Spain are a photographer's haven, so be sure that your memory card is loaded with memory. For others, this trip is simply a peaceful and beautiful way to enjoy a new look at the world while resting both mind and body.
So if you are looking to take a unique cruise then choose one of the Douro river cruises or one of the other available river cruises in Spain.


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